Jun 3, 2009

How Salty is the Sea?

Sometimes a piece of jewelry gives me a headache. This necklace produced a major one.

I planned everything as always: made a sketch, completed a mokume gane, prepared some pearl shaded polymer clay and then made three focal beads.
I was satisfied how beads turned out, but just couldn’t come up with the final look.

Sadly, those beautiful beads were put aside waiting for their moment. Isn’t that frustrating?

Then in March, with a first signs of sun and warm weather, the idea was born. I looked up for that playful, two sided beads sanded by hand, buffed and glazed to give them a proper shine. Those beads reminded me of sun, summer, fun and vacation.

I’ve decided to spice things up with some simple polymer clay beads in different shade of blue. Those were just buffed a bit to oppose shiny focal beads.

After that everything fit together just perfectly: wax cord as a base of necklace and small glass beads in various shades of blue. Cute silver plated toggle clasp in shape of heart finishes necklace beautifully.

This necklace can dress you up in two ways: one playful and fun showing one of a kind mokume gane embellishment and other more subtle and romantic that can be worn with most of colors. Besides that it is really practical to have two-in-one necklace like this.

Following my initial idea I named it How Salty is the Sea?.

What do you think?

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