Jun 11, 2009


I have to report that one of my jewelry sets is published in a summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry. I am over the moon about this and can not believe that it came true.

This actually was quite a project: it has been over a year that managing editor Christen, found my work on Flickr and asked if I was interested in publishing some of it. I was thrilled and I seriously doubted that anybody ever got such an awesome e-mail unexpectedly.

When she reviewed my website and decided that she wanted to see Rhea jewelry set, I received another awesome e-mail. So I sent my jewelry over the ocean hoping for the best.

The third awesome e-mail said: Congratulations! My work was chosen to be presented as technique based article.

That was the moment my thrill started to fade making room for some serious panic attack. I have never written an article for a magazine and now I have to do it in a foreign language? Can I do that? Is that a bit over my head? – I wondered.

Another problem was to make a step by step tutorial. With my original artwork being at that moment in America, I had to make it by memory and by photo. However, detailed description that I write about each item on my website really saved me a lot of time. I’ve made 2 pieces in different colors just to be sure I got it right. That is how Rhea Blue and Rhea Red were born.

I had managed to finish everything in time and send it to Christen. Well, there were some lost e-mails, resending photos etc. just to prove Murphy’s law once again that nothing can ever go perfectly smooth. I am really grateful to Christen for being such sport and having so incredible patients with me.

My article was scheduled to be published in March, but then it was moved for June. At some point I really thought nothing is going to come out of this. But suddenly my jewelry set arrived from its’ journey and I was really glad to see it a year later. It felt like an old friend came to visit.

Then just days ago a copy of a magazine arrived. I was so happy and proud to see my artwork there. It’s not the first time that my work was published, but Belle Armoire Jewelry is something special. So many wonderful artists with magical project in one place, including some that I’ve already met on internet and some of them that I saw for the first time. There are wireworks, polymer clay pieces, beaded jewelry, mixed media projects etc. Everything a creative person would like to see and enjoy.

And yet one thing (again Mr. Murphy playing his game on me!) had to make things not so very perfect: they have misspelled my last name. Since that it is my husband’s last name I started to tease him how it clearly was not exotic enough so they had to change it. I realized then that my name can actually be completely translated in English. It would be Marigold Tailor - my name comes from a flower and last name stands for profession - tailor. Amusing, isn't it? :)
As you see I am not upset, those typos happen, but I have to admit that it has just dashed a shadow over a really important moment of my life. I am grateful; I really am, only somehow feeling a little bit sorry that it isn't a completely perfect moment.

Oh my, there were days I thought that this will never happen. I kept my mouth shut in case that they in Belle Armoire Jewelry change their mind or something. And I have to tell you the most difficult thing for me is to keep quiet!!! I kept it a secret for a year. Can you imagine my misery?

Now I am still happy above words floating somewhere in the sky, chasing clouds. I am trying to comprehend influence that this experience made on my life and to recognize all the things I’ve learned.

After that I plan to rest for a day or two, just to recharge batteries and start working again. I have a million ideas waiting to be materialized in polymer clay. Maybe Belle Armoire Jewelry or someone else will want to publish them when finished.

Who knows?


  1. wooo hooo and a big Mazel Tov to you! I will have to make sure I buy this issue!

  2. Thank you so much Kathi. You are such a nice person. :)

  3. I'm so proud of you my friend. Congratulations with a big hug from the bottom of my heart! You are really making great progress in your artist career. I never doubted it for a moment. Love - Lisa

  4. Oh, thank you dear Lisa.
    I am so proud to be your student and friend. :)

  5. Congratulations, Nena ! That is a fabulous accomplishment...Now that this issue of Belle Armoire is available locally, I will be picking up a copy very soon.

  6. Thank you.
    A month later I'm still over the moon. :)