Apr 17, 2010

Mini Stud Earrings

I have to share my newest obsession with you: mini stud earrings.

It all started few days ago when I realized that I have a considerable amount of polymer clay flower canes with transparent background. I randomly picked thicker and thinner ones trying to find if they are still usable. You know how they tent to dry when laying in a box for a while. And then I just got an idea!

Within minutes I made some cane slices and put them into oven to cure. Half and hour later I attached them to earring metal parts and covered the front side with Lisa Pavelka’s Magic-glos. Few more minutes later, when UV lamp performed it’s magic, I had in front of me several pairs of finished cute mini stud earrings.

Then I realized that it is too simple and started a new bunch adding glitter and Perlex powders in Magic-glos on front side. Pure fun!

I have several ideas that I will try soon.

Few more photos just to show how mini they are:

These mini stud earrings are not something that I usually make of polymer clay. I prefer larger and unique pieces of jewelry. But I am really happy that I followed that sudden idea.

At the end I am satisfied how they turned out. I think I will experiment with them a bit more.

So what do you think?


  1. soooo cute
    love them all, especially those with pink flowers

  2. Savrsene su, mada sam izabrala ove `vece`, mislim da je zaista fascinirajuce kakav efekat pruzaju ove minijaturne!

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  4. Thank you so much Sandra, I would be glad to.
    You will hear from me soon. :)

  5. Hey, are you selling those? They are really pretty.

  6. Muy lindos,besos desde Barcelona (España)

  7. Jedna nagradica čeka te na mom blogu! :)