Jun 21, 2009

Faux ivory/bone

This is fascinating technique which I discovered browsing through Jael’s Jewels Flickr gallery. Amazing pieces caught my attention and I simply had to learn this technique.
That is really my approach: I spot something I like, then read about topic and after thorough research try myself.

During my research I found Desired Creations – stunning work of Desiree McCrorey. So many wonderful pieces of jewelry are shown there and plenty of tutorials and advices. I admire her for sharing information about material, tools and techniques, offering them for free.

Desiree wrote two well explained easy to follow tutorials for Faux Ivory/Bone Horn ad Faux Ivory/Bone Pendant. Determined to try this technique myself I still worried a bit.

You should know another thing about me: when it comes to use of material I am very practical (some people call it stingy). I like to use every little piece of polymer clay. I try to carefully think about project and decide what I am going to make before I even start.
That really saves me time and material.

Finally, I’ve decided to use faux ivory/bone technique to make few pendants using some pearly sheets and complex cane slices for embellishment. I’ve just followed Desiree’s tutorial step by step and had no problems at all. Every piece of polymer clay is used, some for making small beads and some for brooch so there was no scrap left.

I’ve aged some pieces adding a patina. All pieces were sanded by hand, buffed and glazed.

Pictures in this post show how my first attempt turned out using faux ivory/bone technique.

I am really happy for trying this technique because it is pure fun and I recommend it from the bottom of my heart.