May 28, 2009


Hello to all of my new friends.

My name is Nena. I live and work in Subotica, which is a lovely small town on North-West of Serbia, just 25 km from Serbian-Hungarian border.

I've been claying for more than two years now. My first contact with polymer clay was in March 2007 and I just can't get enough of clay ever since. I am completely in love with this material and I love to play and experiment always making something new. I've tried a lot of techniques but not as much as I would love to.

Lots of you might know me as 'Katherine Jewelry'. Since childhood my favorite name was Katherine so when I started my jewelry line that was an obvious choice. You might have seen my work on Flickr or Facebook or some other online gallery. I'm running a website and few online shops.

I'm also running a blog about polymer clay in Serbian language for more than a year now. My goal is to introduce enchanting world of polymer clay to people who doesn't speak foreign languages. I write about polymer clay in general, tools, tutorials, I'm introducing other artists and their work as well as my own stuff.

I don't have a clear idea about this blog though but I've decided to start and see where it will take me. My idea is to write mostly about my work, inspiration and progress - my way to clay. Also I might add few things about me in order for you to know me better.

It is always fun to start something new and I am really excited about this blog. I'm completely new to Blogger though and I'm hoping to come up with final look of this blog soon.

Hope you'll find it interesting ..

I'll see you around..:))

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