Apr 5, 2010

Polymer Clay Illustration Art

Browsing through photos on Flickr I’ve stumbled upon these incredible pictures. Tammy Durham, the author, calls them polymer clay illustrations.

I’ve noticed colorful circles at first and decided to take a closer look. These polymer clay illustrations are amazing! I have never seen anything like them.

Tammy’s illustrations show diversity of techniques and themes in rich colors. How she presents people is great. I love expressions on their faces and incredible details in every picture.

These polymer clay illustrations seem to be simple. But their pure lines and common shapes also contain depth which is achieved by using textures and bold color combos. Those colorful circles I mentioned before just add a liveliness and complete pictures.

I think that Tammy’s illustrations are warm, live and they invite you to think them over, so they just provide a full pleasure to spectator.

Tammy Durham’s work can be fond on her website and Flickr gallery.


  1. Hi ! I found your blog link on Flickr where I loved the enthusiasm and energy with which you describe your craft. I can quite see why you've chosen to show us this amazing piece of work!

  2. Thank you so much Sue for your wonderful comment.
    I love Tammy's work.:)