Jul 30, 2009

Few flower canes

I've finished these canes last night or early morning if you prefer. It was past 1 AM and I couldn't stop until they were finished and reduced.

I love them!

It’s been a while since I made flower canes with transparent background. It was a “Great flower cane virus” last year and I remember making about dozen of such canes. It seems like they last forever and I easily get bored with combining all the same canes.

Quick fix is to switch to some other polymer clay technique.

This year flowers seem to follow me from everyday life through dreams to my creations. I try not to think about it too much, just relax and go with the flow.

I’ve been enjoying and having so much fun with layering cane work technique lately. To extend the fun I’ve decided to update my flower cane collection.

The result of time spent at claying table (afternoon and evening) can be seen in the photo.

I am really happy how they turned out.


  1. ma ovo je super... I ja cu jedan dan znati ovako..... hahahahaha... pozz, milena tesic-beljkas

  2. I saw some of yours previously canes!
    It's really amazing!

  3. Hey Milena. Pa, naravno da ces znati samo treba probati. :)

    Thanks. :)

  4. Va┼żno je da sam saznala gdje da krenem u kupovinu, i da upitim zainteresirane. Loredana